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ExplorePartners - Explore.com.ve, is a Venezuelan company, who started its activities in 1992. Is distinguished by its personalized service and product excellence that are devoted to a particular market segment, especially in small groups.

Main office of ExplorePartners is located in Caracas - Venezuela and it is strategically important because it connects us directly to the main tourist centers in our region, providing our guests beautiful destinations such as Los Roques. As traveler you have opportunity to discover the destination highlights of our country and its unique natural attractions.

At present, we have 3 (three) well-defined products that are listed below:

1) Tourism: within this area we offer special services for both individual receptive to other tourism destinations by providing our wonderful natural Venezuela:

2) Alternative Tourism: With this product we propose to provide our travelers demanding the availability of alternative services to enjoy our country in a different and exciting. Specifically we provide services such as 4 x 4 expeditions, adventure tours, hunting and fishing expeditions (Canaima, Gran Sabana, etc.)..
3) Advice to Business: In this kind of products we are providing service to different companies advising, arming and organizing events such as product launches, conventions and incentive trips. Such services are carried out throughout the region. The appropriate place for an event is determined based on the needs of our customers.

It is noteworthy that the products that our company provides, are virtually unique in the area, due to the exclusivity of these services never original and made by another agency of the place, especially also because of the personalized attention to the tourist, having available at all times and, more importantly, we organize the packets based on the needs of each of our clients, satisfying in all respects, to stay in Venezuela is excellent and the best quality, So before your visit, we often consult with our passengers, which is what they expect to go that way to be able to give them what they really want. (Real Travel and Adventure).

Given this information, travelers can choose from a variety of tourist options, and thus, it may Explore.com.ve assemble a package made for you, based on the wishes and needs of tourists for each event in particular.

Being a travel agent output, and very organized logistics and human infrastructure that allows us to be leaders in the tourism market, both nationally and internationally.
Being the national cooperative movement in providing the most extensive range of tourism products and travel services that satisfy the major sectors of the population, promoting and developing tourism projects covering social interests of solidarity, cultural and ecological.

1) Provide a qualified professional consultant and tourist information about destinations, flights, hotels, tours, festivals and events. Our goal is to design your vacation or business trips based on their particular requirements and our expert recommendations.

2) Provide a personalized attention from tourism professionals, with experience living and working in various countries throughout the world, who understand perfectly your search.

3) Give primary importance to the relationship between Service - Quality - Cost. Selecting suppliers and tourist services that meet our exacting standards of care.

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