Top Voted on the Island

Dona Carmen

No comfortable chairs, crowded rooms, noisy lobby, unaccomodating staff

First of all, this hotel may be "right on the beach", but it's not a swimming beach. Boats are docked there. If you try to swim between the boats (as we did) its ok.

The view from the hotel seems nice, until you discover you have to view it standing up. The hotel has no beach chairs or otherwise comfortable chairs (even in your room) to sit on.

Some rooms do not have air conditioning. We were forced to push four beds into a room which should have only held two beds -- without A/C. We had to climb over each other to get into our beds. Staff would not let us check into our rooms until after 4 PM, even though you could clearly see the rooms were ready (and empty).

The lobby of the hotel has an extremely annoying fake-Yosemite-waterfall plaque that makes artificial bird noises 24/7. We heard this all night long through the thin walls of our room and were driven to madness by the repetitive nature. It is like a tape loop of electronic tweeting. At other times, the TV in the lobby was going at full volume (staff occasionally stopped to watch soap operas). We turned it down twice and even turned the TV completely off at other times -- only to have the staff blast it again.

There are biting insects in the lobby. My legs were covered with new bites after writing in my diary for 45 minutes.

There is no hot water in this hotel.

There is no food or beverages available until the staff is ready to serve you at mealtime. If you are still hungry after your meal (as we were) -- too bad. There are no seconds or even refills on coffee.

In case you are not aware, you have to travel to different islands to snorkel, kayak, wind surf, etc. We assumed we would be able to do these activities near the hotel. You can not. You must book a boat with Full Day Los Roques to other islands in order to enjoy Los Roques.