Top Voted on the Island

Posada Caracol

Most beautiful location on Island - poorest service ever- Posada Caracaol -

(Do not mix it up with VILLA Caracol - same group but different location)

The location of the Posada Caracol is maybe the most romantic (awesome sunsets with a lot of birds and pelicans) and most beautiful on the island directly on the beach (even if the airport is close). The food was delicious (very friendly cook - the soul of the house) and the boat for the trips to the islands is very modern and safe. We liked very much to have the possibility to eat on an own table to have some privacy - a thing that you do not find in many other posadas (big tables with all guests).

On the other hand, compared to the price we paid (a european five star hotel price) the service was very poor and repeatedly very disappointing - never experienced like this on our 5 months trip to South America.
By asking for information or help we mostly felt like disturbing. The trip to an island that was not included in the price had to be organized by ourselves after having the information from the manager that there is no trip to this island (which was not true). Within our 5-days-stay we had 4 days cold shower water and also reparing the shower-sink took several attempts from our side. As the crew leaves sometimes already at 9pm there was some kind of hurry during the dinners - they clean up your tables when not even finished. It has to be said that the waitress was very friendly but seemed to be obliged to follow the instructions of the management.
At our departure day we had the instruction from the manager to leave the posada at 4pm after the paying procedure with her. Even at 4.15pm she did not show up and we had to check out with the cleaning lady. Later at the airport, the manager showed up to welcome new guests and she handed us over the receipt. She not even said goodbye or sorry for not having appeared before. Maybe she just did not like us, although we always tried to be decent and correct.
There could be mentioned many other examples that should not occur in such a luxury place. And, interestingly, other guests mentioned similar experiences.

We hope that this report will strongly improve/adapt the service quality and management philosophy at Posada Caracol. If not, the price and what you get are definitely not in an equilibrium.

However, los Roques is one of the most beautiful spots we have ever seen on earth and going there is like spending some days in paradise!