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Dona Carmen

Best Value Hotel in Los Roques - Posada Dona Carmen -

I am not completely sure what people are complaining about. Posada Dona Carmen was much better than I thought it would be after reading all the negative reviews. The rooms are spacious, clean, with AC or fans. Rooms number 5 and 6 are beach front. They give breakfast and dinner. The food is better than typical Venezuelan posada food. meals were typical Venezuelan breakfasts, Arepas, cheese, soem kind of meat and eggs. Dinners were usually three courses, an appetizer, a main meal, and dessert.
The Posada has that main square on one side and the main beach (from whcih you catch your boats to the swimming beaches) on the other. That makes it ideally located for carrying heavy coolers to the boat, getting drinks or supplies from the local stores, and joining the party in the Plazas in the evenings. The most popular bar on the main island is right next door which can get loud, but our rooms were mid hotel and back so we never heard the revelry.
The people who rated this posada very low must not have traveled in Venezuela much. I think that the others who said they were disappointed were expecting something more like a Holiday Inn. We have been living in Venezuela for years and we thought this Posada was on par with any we have stayed at in this country.
You have to remember that Los Roques is generally very overpriced. beers are twice what you would pay on the mainland, ice is a precious commodity, and all lodging is at lest double what an equivalent lodge on the mainland would be. Its like that because they know you'll pay for it to spend some time in the beauty of the islands.
Of course the beach right in front of the Posada is not for swimming. NONE of the beaches on Gran Roque are for swimming. You are supposed to take a boat and go to the good beaches. And for the lady that said 'Angry Locals yelled from their dinghy's'; of they yelled at you you were being stupid and swimming in a dangerous area. Plus they fish for a living and you were disrupting their work.
I would recommend this hotel based on what you get for what you pay. You can get something a little bit better for a lot more money, but why waste you money when this is a perfectly good place for a lot less money?