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Calle la Lagunita, Los Roques, Dependencias Federales, 1161, Venezuela

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Lodge La Lagunita, la Lagunita is a fisherman´s house that has recently been remodeled and now offers 8 rooms (M & S) with private bath, ceiling fan, a small private yard. La Lagunita offers dining area, good-size roof-top terrace. Here you get great personnel attention by the owner.

Notes: All inclusive package per person per day and includes continental breakfast (eggs, panquekas, toast, ham and cheese, cake, fruit juices +), lunch on the beach with refreshments, boat ride to nearby islands, awning and chair, on the beach, snack on return from the beach (pizza, tequenos +) aperitif on the terrace before dinner, dinner (appetizer, first course, main course, two contours, sweet, coffee and rum), sistemacion in cool rooms and well cured in the details with air conditioning, satellite TV, safe and private bathroom. The lodge is equipped with a postacion for internet access and esclusiva guests´ disposal.

Rm types

$90 to $140
Double Room 2 Pers.
$63 to $130
3 personas
4 Personas




Living Area

Food & Drink

Media & Technology



General & Area activities

Los Roques offers countless outdoor activities that will provide you with the enjoyment of the exceptional nature around you. The following attractions, offered by a large variety of independent operators, are available for your recreation and pleasure:  Bone fishing - Windsurfing - Kitesurfing - Kayak - Snorkeling/Diving - Excursions to the keys.

Check in - Check out times

Check-In: 09:00 am ( in the morning)

Driving directions

Getting to Los Los Roques is an easy, safe and fast flight. A national flight from Caracas (Estimated time 35 minutes). the price of round trip is $ 320 per person, subject to change.

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The Landing Strip in Gran Roque

Other transport

Charter a sailboat from Margarita, La Guaira or Higuerote!

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La Lagunita Average Rating: 5.2 - Total Votes: 5

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This reviewer told us :

My boyfriend and I researched quite a bit before going to Los Roques. I was happy to go to Posada Lagunita because they gave us 100% great service from the very begining. I recommend paying the 'full board' which cost a bit more (low season: € 80.00, high season:
€ 85.00) but makes a difference. The food was delicious and fresh! If you book here it will tell you in detail about everything (food, board & boat rides to island)

Just be ready to do a wire transfer when you are ready make a reservation because all posadas require a full paymemnt before you arrive. No credits cards are accepted for reservations. La Posada Lagunita will also reserve your flight with LRA, a private aeroline with only 14 passangers on board. It will be a great flight with beautiful views the islands. You will be impressed with the small airport when you arrived. Please note that in Caracas national airport people will not be familiar with LRA since it's a small private line. Do not be alarmed, just make sure you have your voucher when you arrive an hour or so before the flight.

Unique Qualities: The rooms are very clean and beds are comfortable. Air conditioning are in all rooms. The terrace on the top is great to relax and have a few drinks that they provide you when you get the full board (wine, soda, beer and water as much as you want) Los Roques is a very romatic place and you feel at home in this Posada Lagunita. But book in advance






7/10 70%
9/10 90%
4/10 40%
3/10 30%
Value for money
5/10 50%
4/10 40%
This reviewer told us :

My wife and I stayed 14 nights here on our honeymoon. The place was clean and neat, but not "posh" by any standards. However, we knew going in that we would be "roughing it" a little bit (which is why we chose this as opposed to something like Sandals).

The staff was easily the best part of the stay, and while we didn't know much Spanish or Italian, we conversed well enough through other couples there (towards the end of our stay, Enrico said through another visitor, "even though I can't understand them and they can't understand me, I love them and they love me").

A normal day:
8-9: wake up and have breakfast at the table where all meals are taken

10: go to the pier with a guy from from the posada, who carries our coolers with lunches (fruit, candy wafer snacks, water, soda, beer, entree usually fish and rice) and the umbrella and chairs; we brought a sheet to put down so we could lounge.

11-4: island time (in March, the sun was really hot, but the shade was remarkably cool) and we loved wandering on the smaller island we went to. The populated islands are close (5-15 min ride) but we went to a really far one (1.5 hrs ride in really choppy water) and it was great there but the ride back was hellish because the water had gotten considerably worse than earlier. If I had to choose, I'd probably do only a 30 min ride out so the ride back would only be an hour.

5: cocktail hour--best time of the day. Drinks upstairs and little snacks. Afterward we would wander the island, now about 75 degrees outside, barefoot and clean but radiating heat from the sun earlier. There were some posada's on the waterfront that we would get drinks at, sitting in beanbags on the sand and watching the sun go down.

7: Dinner at the big table with everyone staying in the posada (about 12-20). 4 courses: a salad of sorts, usually an awesome fresh fish or shrimp dish, a pasta dish, and a unique dessert. And always great bread and tasty wine.

8-10: After dinner drinks upstairs. Coffee with rum. Here, as during cocktail hour and dinner, it was awesome to get to know other people staying. They were from South America, Italy, and the States.

The surprises:
shower head is an open pipe and the water isn't hot, but really felt great and was a wonderful time to share with my new wife!

small room, no space for storage, but we didn't need much anyway

small bed, a double, but plenty comfortable

heat of sun; we had to reapply sunscreen every hour in midday

a wonderful air conditioner; our room was always 70--day and night.

awesome ice cream shop in town

terrible tourist gifts, nothing really locally made, but a few crafts (and cuban cigars at one of the posadas)

Very Important note on the transfer to/from the island:
Since we were arriving late in Venezuela, I set up to be met at the airport by someone from Caracas Travel. They booked a room for us (which was closed because the late hour) but did not leave us be. I already had another booking so we just went there, but there are plenty of hotels and he knew all the best ones. I had no idea he would be making such reservations for us. The following morning he picked us up and took us back to the airport and took care of everything there, transferring care of us to a lady who worked at the airport. We were briefly worried we weren't in the right place, but at the right time, she showed back up and took us to a little plane out on the strip (10 seater overhead, twin prop). On the return, the same guy transferred us, since we were staying another night outside the international airport. He took us to the nicest hotel in the area, where we had reservations (every room was booked) and again picked us up in the morning right on time. We paid him $50 both ways, but it was well worth it having our own taxi who knew the area and took great care of us. The nicer hotel was around $180/night and the other half of that.






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Double Room 2 Pers. - 01
Max person: 2
Floor: N/A
1B - Room for 1 person 02
Max person: 1
Floor: N/A
Double Room 2 Pers. - 03
Max person: 2
Floor: N/A
Double Room 2 Pers. - 03
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3 personas - 04
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4 Personas - 07
Max person: 4
Floor: N/A
Tariff name Room/property type Min person Max person Valid from Valid til   Minimum days Maximum days
Bed & Breakfast - solo en temporada baja 1B 1 1 Sunday, 01 January 2017 Saturday, 31 December 2022 $73   Per night 1 99
Bed & Breakfast - solo en temporada baja Double Room 2 Pers. 2 16 Sunday, 01 January 2017 Saturday, 31 December 2022 $104   Per night 1 99
Full Board - Pensión completa 1B 1 1 Sunday, 01 January 2017 Saturday, 31 December 2022 $151   Per night 1 99
Full Board - Pensión completa Double Room 2 Pers. 2 16 Sunday, 01 January 2017 Saturday, 31 December 2022 $162   Per night 1 99
Full Board - Pensión completa 3 personas 3 9 Sunday, 01 January 2017 Saturday, 31 December 2022 $244   Per night 1 99
Full Board - Pensión completa 4 Personas 4 4 Sunday, 15 January 2017 Thursday, 14 July 2022 $325   Per night 1 99
Half Board - Media pensión Double Room 2 Pers. 2 16 Sunday, 01 January 2017 Saturday, 31 December 2022 $139   Per night 1 99

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Roundtrip flight Caracas / Los Roques / Caracas

Leaving from the Maiquetia National Airport at 08:00 hours in the morning - Return at 17.00 hours in the afternoon of the departure day. Please be there 1 hour before. (Itinerary depends on seats availability)

$290 ( Per person per booking )

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