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Top Voted on the Island

La Terraza

Great place- Posada la Terraza -

Went here in July after a wedding in Caracas with a bunch of friends - thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff were super-friendly and their dog Mara is a cutie. Breakfasts were really good: pancakes, arepas, fresh-made guava juice, fabulous coffee with fresh cream....

There is a sunny courtyard where you can eat or hang out in hammocks with magazines in Spanish & English (I think previous visitors leave the English-language ones). They have books on the wildlife you'll see snorkeling, too.

The rooms are air-conditioned which rocks, and which is rare on Los Roques - make sure you don't inadvertenly set them to turn off at midnight like we did, though! The showers don't have hot water, but it's so hot on Los Roques I didn't mind.

Also, there's a great patio on top for you to hang out in or bake on.
Thumbs way up, overall.