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a cheaper alternative- Posada Roquelusa -

We stayed here for 3 days and it was not too bad. Our room had a/c and a new bathroom. it was about 50$ per person/ per day which is pretty cheap compared to nicer posadas. You need to be aware that you are going to stay in an old house with very basic rooms. It is this expensive because it is a national Park and they are not allowed to build anything new. Los Roques was amazing. It is really the most beautiful beech we have ever been. Everything, it is really expensive so be aware. Snorkeling was great and Cayo de Agua was spectacular. You shouldnt miss this key. it takes like an hour (30$) to get there but it is worthy. We can't way to go back with more money so we can stay in a nice posada. But for travelers with a small budget Posada roquelusa does the job.