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natural parksBeing the biggest National marine park in the Caribbean. The Archipelago of Los Roques. Tourism has replaced fishing lately as the main economic activity. Locals were not involved in tourist activities until 1992. Today more than 40.000 travelers visit Gran Roque every year and accommodate in any of 75 available lodges or small hotels, locally called Posadas.

Today - Gran Roque has more than 800 permanent residents and its tourism services are now finally having an overhaul thanks to the new Government and Jefatura.

Lodging for two (02) days and one (01) night, room with private bathroom.
Breakfast and dinner at the inn. The lunch is served on the beach.
Assistance at the Gran Roque Airport.
Air ticket Caracas / Los Roques / Caracas.
Daily transfer to a nearby key (or Madrisqui Fransisqui).
Ice box, umbrellas and beach chairs.
Assistance - Guide.
Rates per passenger
Rates are subject to availability and change without notice.
Rates are based on Bolivares - local currency.
It does not include any taxes (12% VAT, YN, EU, other taxes)
Does not include any Alcoholic Drinks.

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Albatros Airlines YV2489Now when you book a round trip flight and lodge - sailboat with any plan you will get a special tariff for round trip flight ticket for US $312 per person. You can have Full Board, Half Board and Bed and Breakfast plans - enhance your vacation is this virgin Caribbean paradise. Flight Los Roques

Los Roques, an archipelago off the Venezuelan coast. There is an air of excitement in the village square. Darkness has fallen, and dim bulbs dangle from leafy branches. Hundreds of locals have gathered - children in fancy dress, babies crawling in the sand, older people setting up folding chairs near the stage.

A sudden shower sends the villagers running for shelter under trees and doorways. Then there is a power cut, and a further delay while men fiddle with cables. Excited little girls in party frocks start mopping the stage. The sound system crackles into life as seven stern-faced judges take their seats behind a damask-draped table. They resolutely ignore the jeers and cheers of the crowd. The show is about to begin.

Hola Amigos ,

I am looking for a job in a Posada or sailing boat in Los Roques Archipelago.

I can run a business , cook , entertain people , make nice drinks etc.....

I have a great , friendly attitude , ........i can easily adapt to any environment :  

i have worked in a Youth Hostel  , a Restaurant , a busy upscale Los Angeles showroom and various  office locations. 

I can cook nice Italian dishes ( gnammy ones ) that i've learned from my grandma !

Hobby : Sailing boats and swimming ( i am a licensed swimming instructor )

Ready to leave US as soon as possible.

I speak english , Italian ( native )  , Espanol and French ( basico )

Can anybody help ???

Grazie !!!

Massimiliano ( Max )  

Fly Fishing with Oswald Los Roques 3Los Roques, also know as The Fly Fishing Paradise offers you the opportunity of catching a large numbers of fish in the 5 to 10 pound category all year round. We designed the basic program around five days , with 3 days of fishing until 1 week or more for a minimum of two anglers. The best season begin from March until December.

Acommodation: Anglers can stay at the Gran Roque, the main island. We offer the exclusive lodges: Eva Suites or the Macanao Lodge.

Fishing Boats: 2 fiberglass boats 27-22 feet, center console, with 125 Hp and 2/40 hp ouboards are used to take the anglers to the flats everyday.

Crew: 1 Captain + deckshand.

Guide: Oswald a local and lately very successful guide he's from Gran Roque and with lots of experience, courteous and great at spotting fish at a distance..

Bone fishing Reservation Los Roques!

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Top Voted on the Island


Person in charge of this Posada never fulfilled promises she did.......- Posada Mediterraneo -

The lady in charge of this Posada promised us many things, but after disappoint my wife and myself we did not expect anything else after the second day. This managing lady was after to sell us very expensive day trips to the keys around the main island of Gran Roque.
We noticed that very fast......right after our first and last experience. She charged us 100 per person to Francisqui Island and on the boat we meet friendly people from Brasil who paid 30 each. We paid after that always between 30 and 40 for a short boat trip to any island. She treat us very bad after she got know we booked not with her. We heard some couples from Italy telling us the same.