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natural parksBeing the biggest National marine park in the Caribbean. The Archipelago of Los Roques. Tourism has replaced fishing lately as the main economic activity. Locals were not involved in tourist activities until 1992. Today more than 40.000 travelers visit Gran Roque every year and accommodate in any of 75 available lodges or small hotels, locally called Posadas.

Today - Gran Roque has more than 800 permanent residents and its tourism services are now finally having an overhaul thanks to the new Government and Jefatura.


This is the first Virtual 360 tour made in Venezuela and of cause in the top destination - Personally I find that it can be limiting to only be able to look side-to-side. Full-screen high-resolution panoramas in which I can look in any direction including straight up and straight down are really compelling. This virtual tour experience is that much more "immersive" and I have used special spherical (or cubic) panoramic photography equipment in order to make it...

360 photos venezuela

Here you will Los Roques + Angel Fallsfind travel reviews for Los Roques, make sure you read these reviews and chose the perfect Posada - Yacht - Scuba - Fishing - tour and travel service provider for your next stay in the Islands. Travelers like you have shared their honest reviews here. Please Add your own travel reviews and help travelers around the world plan and have a great trip when visiting Los Roques in Venezuela.  ADD YOUR REVIEW NOW...

Gratronomia Los RoquesThe gastronomy of Los Roques is made from mostly from fish / shellfish (++ other prepared dishes) because of its privileged position in the Venezuelan Caribbean. Throughout the length and breadth of this island territory is common daily use of marine species such as snapper, grouper, tuna, and a variety of seafood and shellfish that are used to prepare delicious recipes. The fried fish, boiled fish cake dog, some recipes are inevitable in most of the inns and restaurants of this important tourist destination. Some inns and restaurants senior on the menu include sushi, Japanese food that is prepared with fish or seafood is very fresh and in Los Roques is practically fish from the sea to the kitchen. Fish is the king of the kitchen rocky from croquettes, fried, stewed, sushi, boiled + creams or any of its preparations is the indispensable food in this important target. In Los Roques, there are excellent dining options, all the hotels have experienced chef and people that make the kitchen rocky one of the most exquisite cuisines of the Caribbean. This is another reason to visit Los Roques.  More from: La Corsaria

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Top Voted on the Island

La Terraza

Great Place to stay!- Posada la Terraza -

I stayed at Posada La Terraza for 2 weeks with 3 friends. It was my first time to Los Rogues and it was beautiful; the best combination of beach/sea/nature that I have experienced.

La Terraza is a really nice and welcoming place to stay. The owners are very friendly and helpful. Blanca does an excellent job managing the rooms and day to day operations. The posada and air-conditioned rooms are extremely clean and comfortable. The breakfasts and dinners we had were excellent and a good variety over the 2 weeks...although if you don't like fish it could be difficult. The posada has 8 rooms and lots of common space for lounging around. Josefina keeps a garden in the courtyard and displays her rock sculptures in the garden. Ask her about them..she is a very nice and interesting person.

Juan will help you organize your daily excursions to the numerous beaches. Cayo de Agua was my favorite but all the beaches I visited were beautiful. Ask for Patrizia as a boat captain...she was great and I think the only woman who captains a boat. Great snorkeling at many of the beachs. The excurisions run about $10-20 per person depending on the distance (cayo de agua being the furthest) and include beach umbrella and chairs. You can organize lunch through the posada or as we did, buy your own drinks and snacks before leaving each morning.

Los Roques is a national park and development is thankfully restricted. There are no large hotels or resorts here so don't be expecting accomodations like you may find on other islands like Margarita or Aruba. Also night life is very limited. You come here for the beach and sea and to relax..and La Terazza is a perfect place to do this.

Tip for changing money: there is a big black market for exchaning money and the rate on the black market is much better than at the bank. However, beware of guys at the aiport in Caracas. A common trick is to ask you for large US$ bills to exchange...then distracting you and switching your bills for counterfit bills...then they give you back the counterfit ones and tell you they can't accept them because they are fake. Change just enough money at the official exhange offices to pay the entrance fee/tax in Caracas and for the entrace to Los Roques. When you get to Los Roques ask Juan about places to exhange more cash that you'll need for paying excursions, etc.