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arrow_rtlPlease bring USD$ in cash, credit cards are only accepted in very few places.

You can change USD$ on the black market in the airport, it is perfectly safe and you get a much better exchange rate here...

online officeAbout ExplorePartners. Who are we? And what are we doing?
ExplorePartners is not the conventional Tour Operator, and we don't intend to become one!

We share attributes with you and the human need of adventures destinations.

For ExplorePartners Travel & Adventure, travel is more than a pastime and Eco tourism is more than an obsession, sailing, diving and fishing, they're our business and our mission. We're here to help you experience this exciting part of the world, know its indigenous people and see its wildlife in a sensitive and sustainable way so that coming generations can to.

Well you are reading it right now! Venezuela is virgin with lots of practical unknown destinations and offers real adventure where you are treated as a traveler not as a tourist!

Venezuela won Miss Universe again; Yes Venezuela has the most beautiful woman in the World.

Get to know the local people in Venezuela and its cultural values.

Venezuela has no racism, no terrorisme, no religion barriers, so welcome to Terra de Gracias.

Since Venezuela is just on the right latitude not to close to equator and not to far north. There arfe no real rain season, giving Venezuela an all around year travel season.
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Sailboat Houat

Sailing trip

We chartered the boat in exclusive plus the Capitan and the Chef. It was the best thing that we did. We felt like we were king and queen because they treat you very good. They take you to any island in Los Roques Park, they go with you and show you where to do snorkeling or other activities. If you want to just relax on the beach, they set you up with umbrella and drinks. When you are done and go back to the boat they prepare dinner, they set up a nice table, some wine, music, etc. The food is delicious!!! They don’t go to sleep until you do. They want to make sure that you are ok and you don’t need anything else. In the morning they get up early so they prepare breakfast before you get up. They give you tons of food. I am sure I put more weight on me after this. One of the coolest things is this is a totally customized vacation. The captain asks you where you want to go, what you want to do, what you want to see, what time you want to do it, if you spend more time than planned somewhere they will help you re-work the plan to get the most out of your vacation. Sleeping on the boat is a bit like camping. It is tight and there is a certain lack of amenities. The sea breeze is nice but I got a little hot during the nights. Overall this was the best vacations that we have ever had and we travel a lot. We think it is better if you spend more time in the boat so you can see more stuff there. For example we couldn’t go to Playa de Agua. We didn’t have enough time. But by having our own boat we saw an incredible number of things in a short time. If you stay in a Posada I think they mostly take you to one place per day or maybe two places at most if the places are close to Gran Roque.