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Esta es la primera visita virtual 360 hecho en Venezuela y de la causa en el principal destino - Personalmente me parece que puede ser limitante que sólo es capaz de mirar de lado a lado. Pantalla completa de alta resolución de panoramas en la que puedo mirar en cualquier dirección, incluyendo hacia arriba y hacia abajo son realmente convincentes. Esta experiencia tour virtual es mucho más "inmersiva" y he usado especial esférico (o cúbico) equipos de fotografía panorámica con el fin de hacerla.

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La Gotera

Unbeatable location in the Gran Roque

We were a group of 5 people and settled in 2 bedrooms, one with 3 beds and the other with a double bed, where the inn is located is unbeatable in the Gran Roque, from the moment you arrive at Gran Roque airport welcomed us and made us feel at home. Upon arrival we were offered a snack and everything was ready for us, very cozy and clean, air-conditioned rooms, all perfect. We settled quickly and had the boat ready to go to visit the beaches, the Los Roques National Park is spectacular the best beaches we saw. In the boat we had 2 coolers with snacks, food and drinks to enjoy on the beach. Returning to the inn we waited with juice and watched the sunset from the terrace of a spectacle. At night he asked us what time we wanted dinner and the food served was 10 points all fresh and well prepared. The inn and staff make you feel at home. Thank Cristobal really did a perfect job and not miss any detail to make us feel at ease and happy to be there. Also thank Carlos for his good work in every detail and good service provided. We will definitely return to this inn, totally recommend, were some beautiful days.