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Alojamiento para dos (02) días y un (01) por la noche, con cuarto de baño privado.
El desayuno y la cena en la posada. El almuerzo se sirve en la playa.
Asistencia en el aeropuerto de Gran Roque.
Boleto aéreo Caracas / Los Roques / Caracas.
Traslado diario a un cayo cercano (o Madrisqui Fransisqui).
Caja de hielo, sombrillas y sillas de playa.
Asistencia - Guía.
Tarifas por pasajero
Las tarifas están sujetas a disponibilidad y cambios sin previo aviso.
Las tarifas se basan bolívares fuertes.
No se incluyen los impuestos (12% IVA, YN, de la UE, otros impuestos)
No incluye las bebidas alcohólicas.

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Person in charge of this Posada never fulfilled promises she did.......- Posada Mediterraneo -

The lady in charge of this Posada promised us many things, but after disappoint my wife and myself we did not expect anything else after the second day. This managing lady was after to sell us very expensive day trips to the keys around the main island of Gran Roque.
We noticed that very fast......right after our first and last experience. She charged us 100 Bolivares per person to Francisqui Island and on the boat we meet friendly people from Brasil who paid 30 Bolivares each. We paid after that always between 30 and 40 Bolivares for a short boat trip to any island. She treat us very bad after she got know we booked not with her. We heard some couples from Italy telling us the same. The behavior of this lady was changing continously depending on the situation. When we came back twice and we asked friendly if the room will be cleaned up in the next time she cried and I was frightened to be hitted by her. Very rude manner to treat guests.