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How to get to Los roquesGetting to Los Los Roques is an easy and fast flight.

A national flight from Caracas (estimated time 35 minutes).
Price is changing frequently depending on the season so please use the booking system in order to get the current price.

Flights with LTA are leaving from the National Airport in Maiquetia at the beginning of the national terminal which is the first terminal when you arrive with a Taxi from Caracas or La Guaira. Flights are now also leaving with Chapi Air from Higuerote Airport

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You can also charter a private plane, or even better charter an exclusive sailboat from la Guaira or Higuerote and enjoy the magical trip over the sea, trying the unique taste of the Caribe!

Sailing to Los Roques!

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HoneyMoon in Los Roques- Posada Mediterraneo -

Los Roques is paradise and Posada Mediterraneo is just the perfect place to stay here. Part of its charm is that being a small inn (only six rooms) the attention is personalized. Olga, the manager makes sure you have all you need.
The beaches here are surely one of the best of the world. If you can go scuba-diving, it is amazing. And if you stay for a week you can do the course and become a pro.
We stayed for ten days (they told us it was to much for LR) but we would have loved to stay longer!
Los Roques is an extremely quiet place for people who enjoy nature and beach life.