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Cool http://losroques.travel/360/tour.html

This is the first Virtual 360 tour made in Venezuela and of cause in the top destination - Personally I find that it can be limiting to only be able to look side-to-side. Full-screen high-resolution panoramas in which I can look in any direction including straight up and straight down are really compelling. This virtual tour experience is that much more "immersive" and I have used special spherical (or cubic) panoramic photography equipment in order to make it...

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Dona Magalis

Good and simple

One of the few not italian posada in Los Roques, very cheap but nice and local! If You want comfort but not elegance, if you want simple rooms and lots of local food this is the posada for you! As I told, the rooms (with A/C and private bathroom) are very simple, quite severe, but cleaned every day and every two days they change bath towels and bed sheets. You can choose if you want only breakfast or dinner too and also box lunch: all it's very good. I have no doubt: in case of another trip to Los Roques, I'll choose Posada Magalis again!