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Top Voted on the Island

Macanao Lodge

Great Service

Having stayed two weeks at the Macanao Lodge I was afforded many opportunities to familiarize myself with the staff and lodge. The architecture of the lodge is very beautiful, so are the views from the dining room and roof patio. The rooms are small but have high ceilings giving one an illusion of having a more spacious room. Unlike most Posadas on the island, Macanao does have air conditioning which is a requisite to sleeping. In addition, unlike many of the other Posadas, we only had warm water for 4 of 12 days (they attributed this to the lack of electricity but on the weekends when the Lodge was full the water ran warm??).
The food was esthetically very pleasing but lacked variation and substance; I felt a bit hungry and learned to dread the dinner hour.
The most surprising aspect of my vacation was the poor service. At all times I felt as if I was doing them a tremendous service by staying there. We were denied beach towels (because we were scuba divers and did not participate in their beach excursions), we also had to request towels for bathing and water to drink on a daily basis only to get an ornery worker who acted put out at the request.
For the steep price, I recommend looking into other Posadas on the island like the neighboring Posada Natura Viva (Acuarela Playa), there are so many available there is no need to settle for Macanao.