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Thank you for using PaxBlog!, a premier blogging tool for your online messages and opinions!. PaxBlog! is a feature packed, AJAX enabled replacement for the Old Los roques Forum!

Among the features currently implemented are:
  • PaxBlog! Dashboard
  • Quick search and linking of previous posts while writing a blog entry
  • Tags / Tagclouds
  • Easy image upload and browsing using MyBlog!'s own image browser
  • SEF friendly permanent links for each blog entry
  • Single-click publishing/unpublishing
  • AJAXed page view of my blog entries
  • PaxBlog! Admin
  • Publishing/posting permissions
  • 3rd party PaxBlog! addons support
  • Paxcomment integration
  • Moderate blogs, tags/categories
  • PaxBlog! Frontpage view
  • Browse blogs by keyword, blogger, or tags
  • Simple and easy view of all blog entries / my blog entries
  • Templating support
  • social bookmarking support
  • Future features:
  • RSS feeds
  • Trackbacks
  • More ready-made templates
  • Community-builder support
  • Archived view of posts
  • and more...!

The Los Roques online reservation Team.

Top Voted on the Island

Dona Carmen

As someone who has lived in Venezuela for 4 years, this is a fine deal.- Posada Dona Carmen -

In reading some of the other reviews, one needs to keep in mind that, unless you are spending an extraordinary amount of money, customer service in Venezuela in general is often terrible. As a country with plenty of oil, Venezuela hasn't developed much of a tourist infrastructure; thus, when a staff doesn't obsequiously bend over backwards to serve you, it has less to do with a particular place and more to do with typical Venezuela.That being said, nothing negative comes to mind when I stayed here. The food was good and ample, great location, rooms with AC kept quite cool and cleaned daily, and, when the island ran out of ice (which often happens), the staff was quick to give us the ice from their freezer for our coolers. With the money you can save by staying here, go treat yourself to delicious lobster lunches and some great scuba diving!