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female defaultSeen from the sky the archipelago is a rectangle that only has its main island populated in the upper right corner, which corresponds to the northeast, called Gran Roque. Where the local people are living there, including the accommodation in Hotel and lodges available to the visitors, there are three dive shops and now several supermarkets and other services.

The archipelago has 55 keys, 300 sand banks, shoals, and small patch reefs, also has atoll structure protected by two main reef barriers (South and East) to protect the open sea and the tide, creating an internal calm bay, clear waters and a fascinating biodiversity.

Turquoise waters, the solitude and privacy of its islands have attracted the attention of many tourists and boaters from all over the world who seek to know this fantastic place.

The highest elevation of the park is the island of Gran Roque, which owes its name. You can divide the portion of land into two sections: one east, flat and suitable for construction, where the runway and the people, and moreover the West, including the elevation of land that forms a steep cliff in the northwest side.

In terms of size, this park is one of the largest in the Caribbean Sea with about 221,120 hectares in total, offering a wide range of landscapes and natural attractions that make this a privileged place in the Caribbean.

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