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Gratronomia Los RoquesThe gastronomy of Los Roques is made from mostly from fish / shellfish (++ other prepared dishes) because of its privileged position in the Venezuelan Caribbean. Throughout the length and breadth of this island territory is common daily use of marine species such as snapper, grouper, tuna, and a variety of seafood and shellfish that are used to prepare delicious recipes. The fried fish, boiled fish cake dog, some recipes are inevitable in most of the inns and restaurants of this important tourist destination. Some inns and restaurants senior on the menu include sushi, Japanese food that is prepared with fish or seafood is very fresh and in Los Roques is practically fish from the sea to the kitchen. Fish is the king of the kitchen rocky from croquettes, fried, stewed, sushi, boiled + creams or any of its preparations is the indispensable food in this important target. In Los Roques, there are excellent dining options, all the hotels have experienced chef and people that make the kitchen rocky one of the most exquisite cuisines of the Caribbean. This is another reason to visit Los Roques.  More from: La Corsaria

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La Gaviota

A kind and comfortable posada in paradise place- Posada la Gaviota -

The Gaviota Posada is located in Grand Roque, the only populated island of Los Roques . Every day we had breakfast in front of the beach outside where the tables are on the sand below a big tree shadow seeing the pelicans fishing . Afterwards we leave in a daily boat trip to a nearby island , provided with lunch box, water and beverage drink , and return in the afternoon. We had done another tours to two groups of islands far from Gran Roque, that you have to pay for it. In the end of the everyday we apreciatted the marvellous sunset in front of the beach drinking a coktail or climbing to the old lighthouse .
After a shower and a short rest we could taste the dinner by the the noon . Good meal and everything done by D Délia and served by her sympatic staff.
Be careful because you wil be fat . You must walk around the island in order to not get some kilos extra.
By night you have few options of enjoyment . But nevermind, you have to have a good sleep to begin another wonderful day.
We really enjoyed our vacations and recomend the posada La Gaviota.
Mário and Ana Marcia