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Finally after 7 years the online reservation software dream finally has become a reality.

So welcome, to the real web 2.0 with all of its benefits, including Los Roques Freinds.

Great Job what you are looking at is some of the best php engineering ever made.

The build-in slideshow is fine now, Generally I would say we are ready now for a production site, so please let us know if you find any bugs.

I have checked the new paxsoft software in windows explorer 12 and it is running perfect including firefox (no small bugs anymore).

Also I have checked it with different screen resolutions including laptops, with 1 2 and 3 rows,. All is fine.

I'm delighted to announce that the biggest rewrite of losroques.travel since version two is finally coming to an end. Version 2.5 has just been released and I'd like to recap some of the changes that have been made between 2.5 and 4.5.


The main thrust of these changes has been to strip out the calls in .travel that specifically address online reservation. This allows us to dynamically reference the functions used, in effect allowing us to fully open Los Roques up to more users from any country in the world and included now is 7 languages and Los Roques Facebook.

New features.

The beauty of a major version change is I've been able to make a whole bunch of other changes that I haven't been able to make before in minor versions, so in addition to the above mentioned we've also got...
Totally Ajax latest version specially made for Window Explorer 8.0
Custom fields for the booking form.
Template and CSS editing in the backend (posada or travel service providers owners administrator area).
Quantity selection for optional extras.
Coupon codes.
A 7 language switching feature for all users.
An Integrated Search feature
A third party plugin installer.
A caching feature.
Added display booked out and cancelled bookings feature.
Modified the mini component file's licenses to Paxsoft.
Switched from the rooms list on the righthand side of the booking form to the horizontal rooms list.
Some plugins previously available through the plugin manager are now built into the core (payment, invoices, new user and SMS - PDA - Iphone handling) Cool

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